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UFC Betting

A UFC Betting Guide for Indiana Residents

While it is true that UFC, or the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is still a young sport, there is no doubt that its popularity has been exploding since Day 1. It’s no wonder really, as UFC is fast, exciting, and, to be quite honest, a complete spectacle. 

UFC hasn’t only found popularity with fans but also with sports bettors as well. These days, fight nights are big nights for sportsbooks too. 

Here, we’ll go over UFC betting with UFC bets, UFC odds, and the basic UFC betting strategies to use before placing your next UFC wager.

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The Different UFC Bets 

Just as with boxing, or any sport really, there is a wide variety of wagers available on any UFC bout. Here we have three of the most popular wagers where you can find good value.

Moneyline Bet or Match Bet: The moneyline, or Match Bet, as it is sometimes called, is the most popular bet with UFC. It is simply picking the winner and factoring in the odds for your payout. 

It doesn’t matter how the fight is won, TKO, knockout or decision, just pick the winner. The favorite pays out less than the underdog, so the moneyline wager has great value on evenly matched fighters. 

Over/Under Round: Just as with other sports, the UFC Over/Under is a popular bet with plenty of value. The sportsbook will set the line at 2.5, and you wager whether the fight ends before (the Under) or after (the Over) the 2.5 mark. 

This is essentially a wager on whether the fight will go the distance or not, hence its popularity. However, if the fight ends in the first 2:30 of the third round, the Under still comes in. 

Props: There are prop bets for everything, and they range from the ridiculous to the even more ridiculous. To be honest, most prop bets are a waste of time. For this reason, it is important to stick to the props that are fight-specific. 

What round does the fighter win? Is it a tap-out? Is it a knockout? These can be played with some confidence, and the odds you find will still carry value.

UFC Betting Strategies 

UFC betting can be as easy as picking the winner of any bout. However, knowing how to do so to get the best payout you can is not so easy. To do just that, here are some UFC betting tips:

Know the Fighters: Study up on the fighters’ strengths and weaknesses and see how they compare with their opponent. Know their recent fight records as well. Remember, being a fan of a fighter is one thing, objectively picking the winner is another.

Look for Upsets: In no other sport may it be easier to collect on a big underdog. Long shots come in all the time because all it takes to win a UFC fight is the perfectly timed punch. 

An underdog at +200, +400, or even +600 has a legit chance to win a fight, and those are nice payouts.

Beware the Hype Machine: The UFC has been working hard for years to gain legitimacy in the sports world. They’ve been promoting its best fighters in every way they can to grab as much attention as they can. However, some of these fighters just haven’t lived up to the hype. 

Always remember what happened to Ronda Rousey (twice) and don’t believe the hype when laying a UFC bet.

Seek Out Even Matched Fights: Due to the upset factor in UFC, it is wise to completely avoid any big favorite or big underdog across the board. Seek out the fights that are evenly matched with the fighters you know. 

You’ll still have to do your research, but it’s the best way to get value on your bet.


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