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Types of Casino Games

The Different Types of Casino Games Online

All the talk in the online gambling world as of late has mostly focused on sports gambling. Of course, this is a big story. 

A national story at that as more and more states move to legalize and regulate this market. However, many states, such as Indiana, are moving to legalize and regulate online casinos as well. 

After all, why stop at just online sportsbooks? Here is an overview of the online casino games you can find in states like Indiana and beyond.

Poker on-line

Online Slots

One virtual step into an online casino, and it immediately becomes very obvious their intention to completely mimic the Las Vegas casino experience. Look no further from the slots for proof. Slots are a mainstay in casinos, and this is true for online casinos as well.You’ll always find hundreds of options for varying prices and varying payouts. Jackpots and progressives are also always readily available.

Online Craps

One of the most intimidating yet addicting games on the gambling floor is craps, and online casinos are offering it as well. Much of the draw of craps in live casinos is the group excitement, which, of course, is missing online.However, all the usual wagers, odds, and strategies still apply, making it quite popular online as well.

Online Blackjack

By far, the most popular game in any casino, whether online or on land, is blackjack. The brilliance of blackjack is just how winnable it is. These are some of the best odds in the house, and this remains true online.Many online casinos even offer variations on the game such as American Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack, and European Blackjack.

Online Roulette

Of course, you will also find roulette in every online casino available. It is a simple game with big payouts, and any online version you find will allow you to wager on all the classics: Red, Black, Numbers on the Inside, Outside Lines, and Outside Groups. Watch out for Green!

Less Popular Online Casino Games

Video Poker

Legal online poker is another monster altogether, and states are having a tough time getting it approved. However, many online casinos make up for their lack of a Poker Room with many video poker games, which function much like online slots.

Specialty Games

Taking another cue from the real-world casinos, online casinos also offer plenty of specialty games intriguing to their users. Games like Baccarat, Pai Gow, Three-card Stud, Pok Deng, and Caribbean Poker all pop up in online casino to online casino.These are special games with special rules which will vary from one site to the next.

Live Dealers

One of the latest innovations in online casinos is the “Live Deal.” This option will allow you to play games, usually blackjack and roulette, in real-time with other real players. It makes for a more real experience, and many players prefer it.