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Tennis Betting Online

A Guide to Tennis Betting Online

It may come as something of a surprise, but tennis is actually one of the most popular sports in the world. Everyone assumes the NBA or the Premier League would rule the international scene, but as popular as those leagues are, the ATP ranks right up there with them. 

If you’re looking for proof, quickly scan the names of the top 20 in ATP world rankings, and it will become crystal clear. Tennis is an international sport that has millions of fans around the globe. 

Of course, this interest in the game isn’t limited to just general fandom either as there’s plenty of interest in the sportsbooks as well. Whether it is for one of the four majors tournaments, the Davis Cup, or the Indian Wells Masters, sports gamblers are lining up to place tennis wagers. 

Here we will look at what exactly tennis betting entails as well as what strategies to employ to make you a successful tennis gambler.

Tennis: US Open

Do Your Homework

Wagering on tennis can be as much fun as it is profitable when done the right way. Just like any other sports wager, a tennis wager will require plenty of research and patience if you want to effectively and consistently make yourself money. 

There are many factors and aspects to consider before every tennis wager. The tournament, the matchups, the players’ histories, tournament storylines, and injuries can and will all come into play. 

Even the surface of the court can severely alter the odds, payout, and outcome of any tennis wager. To win, you must have a well-researched game plan.

Know the Players

As many have probably noticed, we are living in a fantastic era of professional tennis. The names at the top of the rankings say it all: Djokovic, Nadal, Federer, Williams, Halep, Osaka, just to name a few. 

Winning a match on the ATP Tour is tougher than ever with all of this talent out on the tour. To be a successful tennis gambler, you are going to have to know these players, top to bottom. 

Some play better on clay; some play better on grass. Some play better in the majors than other events. As mentioned, there is plenty of research that can be done, and it starts with knowing the players.

Tennis’ Most Popular Bets

The most popular wager available for tennis, and most sports actually, is with the moneyline. A moneyline wager is to simply pick the winner at the defined odds, and it’s always a good sports wager. 

Especially with the right odds and with tennis, you can find great odds every round of every tournament. If you know who is going to win a match, take them on the moneyline. 

See the Futures

Another good wager for tennis is a classic “Futures” wager where you pick the winner of a tournament. These types of wagers are always available in any sportsbook. 

The odds are also usually very strong, as it isn’t always the easiest wager to win. As mentioned, professional tennis is very competitive these days, and the odds will reflect that.


The best wager in tennis you’ll find is the Handicap Wager. Much like a point spread wager in basketball, you get to wager on a match while giving or getting games or sets in the outcome. You’ll be playing against this number but at much better odds. 

This wager is for the pros, so be sure you know your tennis before placing one. Do your research and know your players, then lay down a winner.