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NHL Betting in Indiana

NHL betting may not be as popular as betting on the NFL or NBA, but there are still plenty of rabid NHL fans out there. On this page, you’ll learn more about NHL betting, NHL odds, and when you can expect NHL betting to launch in Indiana.

NHL betting in indiana

Where to Bet on the MHL in Indiana

NHL betting is coming to Indiana, but it will be a two-phase rollout. The first phase will be live sports betting, and that’s expected to happen later this year. Over a dozen casinos are in the state, and we expect a number of them will launch sports betting. It’s too soon to know precisely who will offer sports betting, but you can expect sportsbooks from Caesars, William Hill, MGM, FanDuel, and DraftKings.

The next rollout we don’t expect until at least the Spring of 2020, and that’s the online phase. Once live casinos launch their sportsbooks, you can expect the same to launch online equivalents. Note that you will not be able to bet on esports or on any athletes under 18 in Indiana. Also, there may be some limits on In-Game betting.

Types of NHL Bets

Whether you’re betting live or online, it’s good to know the different types of NHL bets you can make. Below are some of the ways you can bet on NHL games along with a quick rundown on NHL odds.

Moneyline – This is a simple form of betting where you’re just picking the winner. NHL odds are easy to understand as the favorite has – odds. These odds tell you what you have to bet to win $100. Underdogs have + odds, and the odds are what you can win for a $100 bet.

Note – Moneyline odds are used for all forms of NHL betting in the United States, not just moneyline bets.

Puck Line – This is your points spread bet for the NHL. Favorites must win by more than the line established. For underdog bets, you win if your team wins or loses by less than the line.

Totals – This is a straight over/under bet where you’re betting the total score of the game.

Parlays – One of the toughest bets to win, you are betting on multiple teams, and every part of your bet must win to receive a payoff. For example, if you bet Tampa Bay, Las Vegas, and the NY Rangers to cover, they must all cover the spread, or you lose the bet.

In-Play Betting – You can bet on NHL games while they are being played. NHL odds can range wildly due to this. Note that Indiana law allows for restrictions on In-Play betting, so don’t be surprised if this form of betting is limited.

Futures – This is a bet on a future event such as who will win the Stanley Cup Finals.

NHL Betting is Coming Soon

Indiana does not have any NHL franchises, but there will still be plenty of NHL betting action once Indiana online sportsbooks launch in 2020. Note that you do not have to be a resident of the state to play. Online sports betting will be open to anyone physically located in the state and whose internet connection can be verified via Wi-Fi.

So if you’re a fan of the NHL, you have a lot to look forward to for the 2020 season. You’ll be able to bet on NHL games while following your favorite teams throughout the season and post-season.