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NFL Betting in Indiana

Indiana became the latest state to legalize sports betting when Governor Eric Holcomb signed H 1015 into law on May 8th. With its passage, both live and online sports betting is now legal in the state. Once sports betting launches, NFL betting will be the highlight of the sports betting market.

If you’re new to NFL betting, you’ve come to the right place. On this page, we will give you some general information about how to bet on NFL games, including information about NFL odds and the type of bets you can make in Indiana.

NFL betting in Indiana

Online Sports Betting in Indiana

Indiana became the 15th state to legalize sports betting in some form, but it will still be up to a year before online sports betting launches. Regulations have to be drafted and licenses issued to casinos in the state. Live sports betting is expected to launch at some point by Fall of 2019 with online sports betting coming during 2020.

We don’t know exactly which casinos will offer sports betting but, based on the casinos presently operating in the state and partnerships formed in other legal states, we expect some of the following products to be available:

  • Caesars Sportsbook
  • William Hill
  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • 888

Ways to Bet on the NFL in Indiana

Ways to Bet on the NFL in Indiana

Once online sportsbooks launch in 2020, NFL betting is expected to take center stage. Below are some of the bets that will be available at Indiana online sportsbooks:

Futures – This is bet on a future event such as whether the Colts will make the playoffs or who will win the Super Bowl.

Points – You’re betting on the total points score in a game. If the Colts are playing the Rams and the line is set at 42.5, you’ll bet whether the total points score is more or less than 42.5.

Points Spread – A popular form of betting, you’re betting on the margin of victory or loss. The underdog has + NFL odds, meaning you can win the bet if they win the game or lose by less than the line. Favorites have – NFL odds and you can only win if your team wins by more than the line established.

Moneyline – The easiest way to bet on NFL games is moneyline bets. You’re betting who wins the game. Underdogs have + odds, and the odds show what you can earn for a $100 bet. Teams with – odds are favorites, and the odds show how much you have to bet to win $100. Scores don’t matter as you’re only picking the winner.

Prop Betting – These bets have nothing to do with the outcome of games but rather events that happen in or around the game. For example, you can bet on how many penalties the Colts commit during a game, or you can bet on which QB will throw the most interceptions during a game.

Parlays – Parlays are a popular form of NFL betting because they can result in massive payouts. You’re betting on multiple games at once, but to win the bet, all parts of your bet must win. If you bet the Colts, Jaguars, and Steelers to win, all three must win, or your bet won’t pay out. These bets can be tough to hit, but when they do, the payoff can be huge.

NFL Teams in Indiana

The only NFL franchise in Indiana is the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are two-time Super Bowl winners, last winning the big one back in 2006. Formerly the Baltimore Colts, the team moved to Indianapolis in 1984 and rose to prominence in the late 1990s and early 2000s under future Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning.

From 2015 through 2017, the Colts have been in a bit of a rebuilding phase, but last season they made the playoffs under Comeback Player of the Year Andrew Luck. Some experts believe that the Colts are on the cusps of a return trip to the Super Bowl, so the next couple of seasons should be an exciting time for Colts fans.

Once you’re able to bet on NFL games in Indiana, expect massive action on the Colts. If you’re not a Colts fan, don’t worry as you’ll be able to place bets on all teams and any game during the regular season and postseason.