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NBA Playoffs Betting

The popularity of the NBA has come a long way over the last 10 years. Stateside and internationally, there are more NBA fans than ever before. 

That’s saying a lot too, as professional basketball has been on the up and up since the Magic/Bird era. It’s no coincidence this coincides directly with the boom in popularity of sports gambling. 

There’s never been a more popular time to place a wager on the NBA. With this in mind, we want all sports gamblers to know the absolute best time to place one of those NBA wagers, or any sports wager for that matter is during the NBA playoffs. 

Every postseason, the NBA playoffs offers a special combination of value, lines, and odds every sports gambler needs to take advantage of, and we’re here to tell you how.

Different Things to Remember When Betting on the NBA Playoffs

The Competition Makes It

What makes NBA playoff betting so special are the lines. Every line, in fact. Since we are getting the 16 best teams in the league playing against each other in seven games series, every line has to be tight. 

The point spreads are low, the moneylines pay out high, and the totals are never more honest. The NBA is a deep league, and there is strong competition here even in the first round giving us sports gamblers the best lines we see all season. 

Take the Points, Give the Points

It is true every line in the NBA playoffs is solid. However, the best value you are going to find is with the point spread wagers. 

Oddsmakers and sportsbooks are forced to respect every team in the playoffs, and this is reflected in the point spreads they receive. Double-digit point spreads are a thing of the past in the playoffs. 

Low point spreads coupled with -110 odds makes for great value, something every sports bettor needs to be successful. Moneyline and totals wagers are fun, but when the NBA playoffs start up, invest in the point spread for the best value. 

Game 1 

Since these are the NBA playoffs we are talking about, and since these are seven-game series, the most important game of the playoff series is Game 1. It sets the tone for everything that happens in the series. That goes for what happens on the court and in the sportsbook. 

A home favorite cover is going to move the line in the visitor’s favor come Game 2. A Game 1 upset on the road will tighten up the lines even more. 

Many professional sports gamblers don’t even place a wager of Game 1s as the rest of the series will have the better value between lines and odds. Any way you play it, take special note of what happens Game 1 as the sportsbooks sure will.

Defense Wins Championships

Even in a league like the NBA where offense is at such a premium, the odd adage holds true. Offense wins games; defense wins championships. Of course, this especially comes to the forefront in the NBA playoffs.

To move on to the next round, you’re going to have to be a strong team defensively. Due to this, totals wagers take a nosedive. The reason for this is due to how inflated the totals are during the regular season. 

Sports bettors love overs, and this is true across the board in every sport. Oddsmakers and sportsbooks caught on to this fact a long time ago and adjusted the Totals lines accordingly. 

There are always a few extra points added to the top of any NBA totals because the bettors are going to take the over anyway. This doesn’t happen in the NBA playoffs. When the postseason kicks off, you see the most accurate totals numbers of the season.