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NBA Draft Betting

The National Basketball Association has become one of the most popular sports leagues around. The NBA is challenging football’s American popularity as well as soccer’s worldwide appeal. 

It’s gotten so big, in fact, that the media covers the offseason as closely as any playoff series. Well, NBA fans and the media at large aren’t the only interested parties, as the sportsbooks and their oddsmakers have also taken a keen eye. 

NBA Draft betting is now a standard practice in every sportsbook you can find. 

Wagering on the NBA Draft

So, NBA Draft wagers are a thing? Of course, they are. After all, all oddsmakers need is an event with an outcome (sporting events, The Oscars, reality shows) and some general interest to set odds, even if it’s NBA Draft odds. 

Obviously, wagering on the NBA Draft is going to be a bit unconventional. However, while that may be true, we can still use the same type of wager structure we do for an NBA game. Or any sport for that matter. 

The first, and most obvious, wagering option for the NBA Draft is the standard futures wager. 

NBA Draft Futures Wagers

Futures wagers are perfect for the NBA Draft as these wagers are completely based on the final outcome. In this case, it’s the final draft order. You’ll see this wager pop up soon after the NBA Finals end. 

The sportsbooks will set futures odds on individual players for the No. 1 overall pick. For the top three picks. Basically, every draft position. 

There is plenty of speculation and coverage of the NBA Draft and which players are drafted where. The sportsbooks take advantage of this with futures wagers of all kinds.

Player Over/Unders During the NBA Draft

Diving a bit deeper in the NBA Draft outcome are the player Over/Under wagers. This is very similar to your average Totals wager but with a little twist. 

Of course, there is no Total score in the NBA Draft to go over or under. However, there is the draft position a player may go over or under, and that’s what this wager is all about. 

There is a ton of speculation every year about what a team may need and where certain players should go. This makes for the perfect opportunity for sportsbooks to set a line and NBA Draft odds.

NBA Draft Props

When we are talking about any kind of sports betting, you can always count there being proposition wagers. Props are very creative and unique wagers sportsbooks love to set up for every event, and the NBA Draft is no exception. 

These wagers are more vague in nature and, therefore, have very interesting odds. To be successful here, you are going to have to do a lot of research. These wagers are different every draft but will usually group players together. 

Will three international players be drafted in the first 10 picks? Will there be two players from the same college team drafted in the top three? And so on. 

The beauty of prop bets is that they are never the same and are shaped to fit their event specifically. 

Best Strategy for Betting on the NBA Draft

As with any wager on any sport, you are going to have to do the research to make an NBA Draft bet work. Every year, there are hundreds of players hoping to be drafted, only about 60 make it, and only the first-rounders are guaranteed a roster spot. 

There are the one-and-doners, the European players, the overlooked upperclassmen, and at least two 7-footers from countries you can’t find on a map, just to name a few. 

For these reasons, you can find plenty of good NBA Draft odds. The best approach is to stick to what you know and learn what you don’t before putting any money down. Research these teams and players thoroughly.