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Online Slots in Indiana

The Indiana state legislature recently passed online sports betting, and by the end of the year, citizens will be able to place bets on their favorite teams. What some citizens may not realize is that this is excellent news for the online gaming industry in general as it is likely to open the door for other forms of online gambling.

Now that sports betting is legal, we predict that it is a matter of time before other forms of online gambling are legalized, and that includes online slots. On this page, we will tell you a bit about the legal status of online slots in Indiana, when you can expect Indiana online casinos to start offering slot machines online, and what types of slot games that will be available.

Slots playing in Indiana

Are Online Slots Legal in Indiana?

At the moment, online slots are not legal in Indiana. Indiana is one of the few states that have drafted laws targeting online gambling, and it is illegal to play or operate online slots in the state. To date, the state does not criminalize the act of citizens playing slot machines online.

Before May 2019, Indiana was on the list of states least likely to regulate online gambling, but that changed when the state legislature passed a comprehensive sports betting bill that included mobile sports betting.

This has opened the door for discussions on general iGaming, including online slots. Since most online casinos make the majority of their profits by offering slot machines online, you can expect future online casinos to offer online slots.

We don’t know which casinos will offer online slots, but there are about a dozen casinos in the state, so you should have plenty of opportunities to play.

What Forms of Online Slots Will Be Available?

There are more variants of online slot machines available today than ever before. You can expect everything from Classic Slot games to Video Slots and a lot more at Indiana online casinos. Slot games will include 3-Reel and 5-Reel Games along with classic single-line online slots and 256 ways to win. Slot themes will range from your classic one-armed bandit style games to video slots with pop culture themes.

Like most online casinos, expect a variety of jackpot slots to be offered in Indiana. Expect a mix of fixed jackpot games and progressive jackpot games. Due to the size of the market, we do expect to see progressive jackpots over $1 million in the state with plenty available in the six-figure range.

By the time that Indiana starts offering slot machines online, multiple states will be offering online slots. To get an idea of what to expect in Indiana, check out the games offered in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and soon in West Virginia. Expect many of the same games and providers to provide services for Indiana online casinos.

When Will Online Slots Be Available in Indiana?

The big question now is when will online slots be available in Indiana? We currently estimate sometime between 2020 to 2021 before you will see online slots legalized in the state. The 2019 legislative session is already over, so a bill cannot be considered until next year.

Even if a bill is passed in 2020, based on other states, we expect it to take up to a year before games are launched. The takeaway is that we fully expect that Indiana will soon offer slot machines online, but for now citizens will need to be patient with lawmakers.