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NFL Futures

How to Make Your NFL Futures Bet

There’s no doubt about it; the National Football League is America’s first choice and favorite sport. And that goes double in the sportsbooks. NFL fandom is rapidly increasing and NFL betting is going non-stop alongside it. 

In fact, the NFL is now a year-round league as there is just as much coverage of the NFL Draft, the NFL Combine, and preseason mini-camps as there is of regular-season games. People love to gamble on the NFL and for good reason. Therefore, there are plenty of different bets to make when it comes to NFL betting and one of the most fun is with NFL Futures.

NFL: NFC Wild Card-Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles

NFL Odds 

Playing only once a week gives NFL games a sense of urgency and exclusivity that no other professional sport can match. Not only that, a week in between games gives NFL gamblers more time to do what they love to do. 

The NFL odds you’ll find week-in and week-out vary depending on the sportsbooks and the specific matchup of the week. However, to take advantage of these great odds, you better know every wager available to you, and one of the most overlooked options on the board is the NFL Futures wager.

What is an NFL Futures Wager?

A futures wager can be on just about anything in sport. You can lay a futures wager in August on who will win the Super Bowl in February. You can wager on who will lead the NFL in sacks, fumbles, or rushing touchdowns. 

These wagers aren’t on who will win a certain game but who will accomplish something in the sport over a certain amount of time in the future. Obviously, these wagers are available for every sport, but let’s look at a few popular in the NFL.

NFL Team Futures Wagers

The NFL team futures wager focuses on any team aspect, just as the name suggests. Popular NFL team futures are Super Bowl Champion, AFC Champion, NFL Champion, AFC East Champion, and so on. 

Wagering on which team will score the most points, lead the league in passing, or have the most sacks are also available. Any team season-long accomplishment you can think of probably has a line and odds in the sportsbooks. 

And these are popular wagers, as the moment a Super Bowl champ is crowned, an NFL Futures Super Bowl Champion line for the next season is posted. 

NFL Player Futures Wagers

The NFL player futures wager focuses on the player aspect. Awards such as MVP, Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Offensive Rookie of the Year, and any other award you can think of are all available for NFL futures. 

These wagers tend to have better odds than the team futures as well. Stats are also very important in NFL player futures as the leader in rushing yards, sacks, TD passes, and such are very popular wagers. 

NFL Wins Over/Under

This wager is a nice combination of a Totals wager and a futures wager. Here, the sportsbooks set the number of wins each team will have in the upcoming season, and the wager is on whether or not the team goes under or over that number of wins. 

This has become a very popular wager as of late, and the sportsbooks have noticed. This is a very easy futures wager to find anywhere, and the odds are always the same.

Strategies for NFL Futures Wagers

Of course, there are many strategies for playing NFL futures. As you can see, there are hundreds of different types of futures wagers to choose from. 

To start, some solid advice to remember is to never make an NFL futures wager on the fly, willy-nilly, or just for fun. These are still serious wagers even if they won’t be decided for months. 

Do the research, run the numbers, and consider the stats before placing any future. NFL futures wagers have great value, and the only way to tap into all their potential is to take it as seriously as any wager.