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NBA Futures

How to Bet on NBA Futures

The popularity of the NBA is exploding across the world these days. It is now an international game with incredible interest coming from every corner of the world. All this interest has many side effects, and one of them is a booming NBA gambling industry. 

The NBA action in the sportsbooks is also at an all-time high, and there are interesting wagers available every day with one of the most popular coming in the form of NBA Futures betting. 

It has plenty of value, and here’s how to take full advantage of it the next time you are laying down an NBA wager.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Indiana Pacers

What is an NBA Futures Wager?

You may have seen futures wagers in other leagues like the NFL and MLB. Well, NBA futures work the same way. These are wagers which don’t have anything to do with the final result of a particular game. 

Rather, futures wagers are concerned with aspects of the sport, usually spread out over the length of a season or the playoffs. These are tough wagers to win, and the odds reflect this fact. 

Futures wagers carry value and big payouts as the NBA odds are long for most wagers due to the uncertainty. But everyone likes a good payout, and this is what makes NBA Future wagers so popular among sports bettors. 

NBA Team Futures Wagers

Sportsbooks being sportsbooks and oddsmakers being oddsmakers, there isn’t much in sports you can’t set odds to. For this reason, you are bound to see NBA Futures wagers on just about every aspect of the NBA season. 

First, you have the obvious ones like the NBA Finals Champion, Eastern Conference Champion or Western Conference Champion, where every team in the league gets odds. 

Because these accomplishments are so tough to achieve, even the favorites have valuable odds. You will rarely see the favorite at the beginning of the season at a meager +150, but rather something like a +325 because nobody knows if the star player is going to get injured or is something else more drastic is going to go down.

NBA Player Futures Wagers  

Just as there are team wagers in the NBA, there are also individual accomplishments to wager on as well. NBA MVP, Rookie of the Year, and Defensive Player of the Year are some of the most popular. 

Here, odds are given to individual players who may be in the running for the award. Points per game season leader and rebounds per game season leader are also popular. 

These odds are tough to navigate as well, as there is a lot that can happen to a player over the course of an NBA season. Injuries to the player, injuries to teammates, coaching changes and the like can all have strange effects on the game, which helps or hurts the wager value considerably depending on what happens.

Team Wins Over/Under

One of the other fun ways to bet on NBA Futures is with the Team Win Over/Under. This wager is available for every team and givez odds on how many wins a team will achieve in a season. 

Your future wager is on whether or not they go over or under the amount of posted wins. This is obviously very similar to regular Totals wagers, but it has that Futures touch. 

Again, plenty of good value here as there is a lot that can happen over the course of a season. Injuries, trades, or a tough schedule can all take a toll on teams. 

Another tough wager to win, but the payouts make it very worthwhile.

Strategies for NBA Futures Wagers

The best advice for most of the NBA Futures wagers is to make sure you know what you are getting into before you put your money down. There are multiple times throughout the year when you can make your wager and many of the lines will open the day after the NBA Finals is over. These odds are very important to NBA betting as a whole as they set the tone for everything: NBA game odds, player futures, even which teams are considered favorites and which are considered underdogs. 

However, just because a line is available doesn’t mean you have to throw down your action right away. Especially during the offseason, make sure you know what the makeup of your team is going to be before making an NBA futures bet. Once the offseason progress a bit, then you can start thinking about your bets. And of course, the futures are available all throughout the season, so try and check out the standings, take a look at which teams are overperforming, which teams are underperforming, and why, and then do your thing.