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March Madness

Betting on March Madness

To sports gamblers all across the country, the best time of year by far is March. Sure, the Super Bowl is fun, but that’s just one game. The World Series and NBA Finals have their say too, but really, March is king, and it’s all because of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. 

March Madness is a month-long sports gambling extravaganza, with loads of action, great lines, and plenty of upsets. However, March Madness betting can be a bit overwhelming as there are so many options. 

Here, we go over the wagers to use and strategies to employ for the perfect March Madness betting guide.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Columbus Practice

The Best Bets for March Madness

Outside of all the games and excitement the tournament brings, nothing is better for sports gamblers than the March Madness odds. It’s a special time when everyone is looking for the big upset. And, by the way, there are plenty of big upsets in March. 

Because of this fact, sportsbooks and oddsmakers are forced to respect the fact that any team can lose at any time, so March Madness odds are some of the best you’ll see all year long in any sport. 

This is why we stick to the classic wagers and ditch the rest. 

H3 Point Spreads for March Madness H3

There is no time for or value on the Moneyline in March, so stick to playing the point spreads every game you can. This is one of the only times of the year you’ll see such tight lines. 

Oddsmakers can’t hand out 15-point favorites like they can in December. Points spread bets during March Madness have all the value, and you must take advantage. 


The other classic sports wager to use in March is the Totals bet, also known as the Over/Under. Again, just like point spreads, the oddsmakers are at the mercy of the upset. 

Not only that, but March Madness betting brings in a lot of new money from recreational sports bettors. If there is one bet newbies love, it’s the Over. 

This is important to know because the sportsbooks definitely know it, and they adjust their Totals lines accordingly. The Over/Under lines in March will always skew upwards, making the Over tougher to win. 

Look for good Unders in March as there is no better time to use them.

Ditch the Moneyline

Sportsbooks do really well on the Moneyline during March, so it is best to be avoided completely. This again is due to all the new action from recreational players the tournament brings in. 

Recreational players chase, and they do so on the Moneyline. Trying to win back your money on a “sure thing” Moneyline in March is not the position you want to be in, so don’t even bother.

Ditch the Props

This is just a good rule to live by. No matter the month.

Ditch the Futures

See above …

Betting Strategies to Employ for March Madness

Of course, your sports gambling needs good strategies every month of the year. Here are a few to keep in mind during March Madness.

Favorites Are Favorites for a Reason

Yes, March brings a lot of big upsets. However, many sports bettors go too big with this knowledge and start picking every upset they can. Sure, you look smart win you hit one; just don’t bring up the fact that you missed on seven others. 

Remember, you have good lines here, and good teams are going to not only get to the next round, but they are also going to cover along the way.

High Scoring Mid-Majors

Be sure to do your research on all the mid-major programs playing in the tournament and focus on the high-scoring teams. There is nothing better than a high scoring mid-major come March because they definitely want to show what they can do in front of the biggest audience they’ve ever seen. 

I can’t help but think of UNC Greensboro back in the 2018 tournament versus Gonzaga. UNC Greensboro was a high-scoring mid-major, unfortunately, having an off night from the floor. 

However, high scoring teams know how to score when they need to, and they almost pulled off a 14 vs. 3 seed upset. They didn’t win but easily covered, and that’s the beauty of high powered mid-majors.