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College Basketball Futures Online

A Guide to Online College Basketball Futures

When it comes to sports gambling, there is no more overlooked bet than the Futures Wager. Good sports bettors are always looking for value in their wagers but somehow get laser-focused on point spreads and over/unders when there are plenty of not so obvious choices to consider as well. Especially college basketball futures. 

Here, let’s look at a few strategies as well as a few examples of NCAA basketball futures.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Tournament-North Carolina vs Virginia Tech

NCAA Champion

While it may be an overlooked wager, one of the most popular futures wagers is for the NCAA Basketball Champion future. Obviously, the champion future wager in any sport will have a certain amount of interest. 

However, there is just something about college basketball and the month of March that makes sports bettors go crazy. From the office pools to the futures, everyone is laying a wager in March. 

Need A Little Patience

Of course, one turnoff of any futures wager is the amount of time it takes to complete. Of course, playing an NCAAB future does not mean you have to get your wager down before the first tip-off of the year. 

That said, you do want to get it down when you have the best odds, and this is going to require a little patience. However, when you are playing an NCAA basketball future, you have much better value compared to other sports. 

This is due to the March Madness tournament. The NCAA Championship tourney is such a free-for-all, you can find great teams with great odds well into February. Patience is the key to any NCAAB futures.

Where’s the Value?

The NCAA basketball season may be short, but it’s tough. As mentioned and as advertised, the March Madness tournament is just that. Anything can happen and usually does. 

That said, favorites are favorites for a reason, and the winners of the tourney usually have the same pedigree. While it’s fun to root for an over-achieving mid-major, look for the bluebloods to take the trophy. 

And this is the beauty of the NCAA basketball future, strong teams still deliver strong odds and still win.

Wooden Award Betting

Another great future wager for NCAA Basketball is for the player of the year or the Wooden Award. There are several POY awards in college basketball, but the Wooden Award is considered the biggest. Basically, it’s basketball’s Heisman. 

There is plenty of value in a futures wager here as well, as the season usually begins with four or five strong contenders for the award announced in the preseason. Of course, just like the championship future, a lot can change over the course of a few months. 

However, the odds usually don’t, making tracking certain players well into February a wise move.

Team Wins Over/Under

College basketball teams are playing more games than ever these days. You’ve probably noticed there are more preseason tournaments and holiday tournaments than at any other time. 

The major conferences keep changing and swelling in size leading to longer regular seasons. It wasn’t so long ago a “20-win season” was considered an outstanding success. Well, those days are over as teams going deep into March are playing almost 40 games a year now. 

That said, this has made the Team Win Over/Under Future wager very interesting with plenty of value. Unlike the Championship Future and the Wooden Award future, the Team Wins Over/Under Future is one you want to get in ASAP. 

This is when you are going to get your best odds and value. Finding an overachieving team or an over-ranked blueblood program is key, as these are notoriously tight lines and odds. Get in as early as you can on a few of these and wait and see what April holds.