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Online Gambling in Indiana

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The legal status of online gambling in Indiana is a bit in flux at the moment. Indiana law presently prohibits online gambling in most forms, and it seemed unlikely that Indiana would ever be a candidate for online casino gambling in any form. That all changed once Mike Pence became Vice-President as the state’s new governor is much more sympathetic to online gambling.

As such, online gambling laws have begun to change, and it is a matter of time before we start to see Indiana gambling sites. On this page, we will tell you more about the legal status of online gambling in the state and when you can expect online casinos in Indiana to launch.

Sports Betting in Indiana

Indiana became the latest US state to legalize sports betting, passing bill H 1015 into law on May 8th, 2019. The bill legalized both live and online sports betting in the state with few restrictions. Among the restrictions, wagers are not allowed on esports or on athletes under 18. Also, regulators have the authority to place restrictions on In-Game betting as they see fit.

Under the bill, casinos wishing to offer sports betting must pay a $100,000 license fee along with $50,000 in annual renewal fees. Sports betting will be taxed at 9.5% of adjusted gross gaming revenue. Governor Eric Holcomb states that the new law will create hundreds of new jobs for the state.

Sports betting is expected to launch in live casinos in the later part of 2019, likely in time for the 2019-2020 NFL season. Online sports betting is expected to launch in 2020. Note that online sports betting will be ring-fenced, meaning that only those physically located in the state will be able to wager on sports. This will be enforced by geolocation technology using Wi-Fi.

Online Casino in Indiana

While online sports betting has been legalized, online casinos are still outlawed. However, there is a solid chance that this could change soon. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware have all regulated online gambling with both Pennsylvania and West Virginia expected to launch online casinos in the next year.

New Jersey and Delaware have both successfully operated online casinos for years now, and New Jersey online casinos have helped the casino industry to rebound in the state. With competitors closing in on Indiana, it makes sense that the state will start to look at regulating online gambling in Indiana.

For at least the rest of 2019, we expect the state to focus on getting sports betting launched, and then turn their attention to working towards regulation Indiana gambling sites.

Online Poker in Indiana

Online poker is also illegal in Indiana. Current laws outright state that card games like poker played for money constitutes gambling and expanded gaming laws in 2005 prohibit online poker. However, with opinions towards gambling beginning to soften, we expect the same to be the case for online poker.

Like online casinos, we expect online poker to become a hot topic in 2020. Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey all offer online poker with Pennsylvania expected to launch in July. Again, pressure from other states will force lawmakers to look at regulating online poker.

Like other states, we predict that online poker and online gambling in Indiana will be regulated together as they are considered to be companion forms of gambling, unlike sports betting which usually stands on its own merit.

Online Gambling Status for the US Also in Flux

If you have been following online gambling laws across the country, you’ve probably heard about multiple states exploring online gambling in one form or another. However, things could change drastically depending on the outcome of legislation surrounding the Federal Wire Act.

In 2011, the US Department of Justice stated that the Federal Wire Act only applied to sports betting. This opened the doors for online casino and online poker regulation in multiple states. However, that opinion was reversed on November 2, 2018. The new opinion states that the Wire Act applies to all forms of gambling, including online gambling.

This is important because the Wire Act prohibits the transmission of gambling data across state lines. Online gambling has flourished in part because of shared liquidity between online gambling partners and the potential of nationwide gambling expansion.

However, under the new opinion, online gambling would be restricted to intrastate-only and thus making it unprofitable for smaller states. It will also cause logistic issues for gambling companies as they have to ensure that all data stays within state lines or face potential federal prosecution.

Multiple states have come together to challenge the new opinion in the courts, but for now, states will be required to follow the new opinion. If this opinion is overturned, it will give states the freedom to pursue online gambling as they see fit and set up partnerships with other states to form online gambling networks.

Make sure to bookmark this site as we will keep you updated on all legal matters surrounding both Indiana gambling sites and federal online gambling laws.

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